Prosystem Technology Classes

Computer Basics - May 2, 2016
This course covers the fundamentals of using a personal computer with Microsoft Windows. It provides hands-on training in the use of a mouse and the skills necessary to use Windows.

No prior experience is required. The course is designed to make the student feel comfortable using a computer. It introduces some popular computer applications including use of the Internet.

This course is also intended for anyone who wants to know more about the computer before deciding to buy one. You do not need to have a computer to take this course.

This course is one session . The price of this course is $99.00, payable at the time of registration.
Module 1 Computer Basics
Unit 1 Understanding Your Computer Options
Unit 2 Introduction to Internet Browsers

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Advanced Computer Systems
In this course we examine more advanced computer applications. We provide training in areas of home networking setup as well as covering subjects that include adding expanded wireless and wired capability for the emergence of technology such as smart TVs and game consoles, etc. This course is intended for anyone that has an intermediate understanding of computers and networking basics but would like to learn how to advance their home network without needing to hire a tech. This course is one session. The price of this course is $99, payable at the time of registration.
Module 1 Advanced Computer Systems - Networking
Unit 1 Home Networking WiFi

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