Mobile devices are putting your business at risk!

You’re a growing business and every megabyte of data is critical to your long term success. You know that within the four walls of your company, your data is protected. But, what about data on company issued or personal mobile phones, laptops and tablets? Are mobile devices password protected in the event a device is lost or stolen? If not, your servers are vulnerable to attack if the mobile device ends up in the hands of someone with malicious intent.

What you may not know is that endpoint protection, or protection of data on mobile phones, laptops and tablets, is a must have in today’s mobile world. If it’s not already part of your data protection strategy, here’s why it should be:

• 67% of people use personal devices at work
• Only 11% of end users access business applications from the corporate office
• 35% of employees store work email passwords on their personal mobile devices


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