Smartphone encryption ban??

The plan for New York to legislate against smartphone encryption is foolish and insane!

In a clear sign that the State of New York no longer supports liberty they recently proposed a bill that all smartphones sold in the state can be decrypted or unlocked by law enforcement.

ZDNet’s Liam Tung

Apple and Google could face fines of $2,500 per device sold in the state after January 1, 2016, if a retailer knowingly sold a smartphone that could not be unlocked or decrypted by the device manufacturer or operating-system provider.

Strong encryption is an essential component to privacy in the technical age that we currently live in.  Privacy is a basic human right.  Here we are, watching it as it is slowly trying to be taken from us.  Where is the national outrage?  Where is the protesting and public outcry?

It’s simple.  Legislating against encryption is foolish, and will certainly lead directly to further, and significant erosion to our liberties.  The problem is that the vast majority of American’s don’t understand the technology and how it relates to our security and privacy.


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