Some PCs stuck in “reboot loop” after Windows 10 first update

It appears that the first cumulative update (KB3081424) for Windows 10 is stirring up a bit of trouble.

Microsoft shipped the first update last week, throwing some computers into an endless restart loop as the update failed to install correctly.

What makes the situation particularly sticky is the fact that updates are automatically installed on Windows 10. The only control users have over the installation of updates is when their PC will restart: automatically or at your convenience. (Note: Windows 10 Pro users have more control over when updates are applied.)

Microsoft has yet to release an official fix. Tech savvy users that have a PC getting periodically stuck in a reboot loop thanks to this update may want to check this Microsoft Answers threadfor a possible fix. Important: Backup your system and/or create a system restore point BEFORE making changes to your registry. Making the wrong changes can cause additional damage to your system. 

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Update: Microsoft has released another patch to resolve the reboot loop issue.


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