The Mobile User and Data Security Dance.

Work is no longer as simple as going into the office at 9 and clocking out for the day at 5.  Employers and employees  are regularly working remotely or semi-remotely, which leads to traveling with mobile devices of all kinds that are attached to corporate information. Many companies require that all data remain on the company’s server and that a VPN connection be used to connect to the server remotely and think that they’ve covered their bases.

The reality of the BYOD or even company provided mobile devices is that data is copied directly to the internal storage.  Email accounts are configured with saved passwords and basic virus protection is all that is protecting the device.

There is a false sense of security about passwords.  Most people don’t realize that passwords on a mobile device or laptop can be cracked in very little time, leaving any company, customer or other private data unprotected.

Although there are local measures that can be used to combat this, such as whole disk encryption and there are other cloud based systems that can keep company and customer data completely separate from the hardware and therefore not susceptible to compromise while in transit.

With a cloud system such as ProCloud365™ your data is always safe.  Even if someone were to steal your laptop from your car or you accidentally leave your smart phone somewhere public there would be absolutely no access to company data.

Reach out to us today for a free security audit, and a demo of how our ProCloud365™ can reduced your IT costs while improving security and mobility.

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