Why Vermont is Cloud Ready

I’ve been an IT professional in Vermont since 1997.  I’ve been involved with, and watched technology explode at an alarming rate.

In the early  2000’s I ventured into entrepreneurship while continuing to work my full-time job, and finally in 2010, with the help of one of my mentor’s Kishore Khandavalli, took the leap and purchased a local computer company, Pine Computers, and dove into business ownership with both feet.

To my core I am a technical person.  I am an analytical thinking and I find the challenges of technology to be something I thoroughly enjoy.  In addition, I’ve always really enjoyed helping people in general.

Lately, as I’ve transitioned to the next step in my professional life and am now heading Prosystem Technology.  While we are still a full service IT services company, we are really focusing our efforts on our flagship product, ProCloud365 ™ and providing our business community with local cloud options.

Vermont is a very small and medium rich community.  A community that perhaps has the most to gain from the cloud revolution.  Cloud facilitates technical expanses as well as reductions in tech costs.

One of the primary cost reduction areas is in hardware.  Small and medium businesses are constantly being bombarded by tech companies to replace aging servers or add more hardware to their infrastructure.

Selling hardware and management services to support that hardware has long been the bread and butter for IT service companies.  They are often reluctant to suggest services that might reduce the hold they have on those funds at the expense if providing real benefit to their client base.

If you want to know how the cloud can benefit your business.  We can offer a free no obligation assessment.


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